Saturday, January 23, 2010

SwagBucks Tips

Search & Win

For those of you who haven't signed up for SwagBucks yet or are new and still looking for ways to earn, I want to give you some pointers that will help you along your SwagBucks adventure.  All of these tips have certainly helped me.  I've been able to trade in enough SwagBucks for $70 in spending money at!

Signing up: Just for signing up here, you get 3 SwagBucks.  Easy.

Searching:  This is the typical way to earn SwagBucks.  After you sign up here, use the search box on the SwagBucks homepage to search for anything you would normally search for at Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  You are rewarded for naturally searching using this site.  You may receive anywhere from 1 - 10 Swagbucks on a normal day, but 1 is the most often amount awarded.  Fridays are considered Mega SwagBucks Day, and users are often awarded higher amounts for their searches.  Don't be surprised.  You will not receive SwagBucks every time you search, but your regular use of the site WILL be rewarding.

Toolbar:  I highly recommend downloading the SwagBucks toolbar from the Quick Links on the left side of their home page.  Whether you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, they provide a toolbar you can download.  The toolbar has a search box which makes it really easy to search online for the things you need, and as always, you are awarded for searches.  I've heard some people say they are rewarded more often when using the search box on the tool bar.  I think that may just be because you are more likely to remember to search using if you have the toolbar handy.  The toolbar also has a "From TSG" message area on it that let's you know when TSG (The SwagBucks Guy) has sent a message.  At least once a week or so he posts a free Swag code in a message which you can enter at for free SwagBucks in the "Enter a SwagCode" box on the right side of the screen.  The amount of SwagBucks you will receive from these SwagCodes varies, but every little bit helps!

Blog:  Reading the SwagBucks blog, which you can access from the left side of, is also rewarding.  TSG often posts SwagCode hunts or provides additional free SwagCodes.  If you use Twitter, you can keep up with new blog posts a little easier by following SwagBlog.  I also recommend following SwagBucksCodes on Twitter as well.

Twitter: Speaking of Twitter, you can follow the official SwagBucks account here.  TSG tweets regularly, but does put SwagCodes in tweets on occasion.  You can also participate in Twitter Trivia on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. CST.  Winners are awarded 5 and 10 SwagBucks depending on the question.

Facebook: You can also become a fan of SwagBucks on Facebook here.  They don't usually post active SwagCodes on Facebook, but they will often post hints about SwagHunts or other active SwagCodes.  Speaking of "active SwagCodes," never post an active SwagCode in a public place online.  (They also discourage you from sending active codes to friends via private messages and such.)  If SwagBucks finds you posting an active SwagCode anywhere on the internet, they will terminate your account permanently.

Referrals:  Referring a friend to SwagBucks using your referral link is a great way to beef up the number of SwagBucks you earn.  For each friend you refer, when they search and earn SwagBucks, you earn SwagBucks.  You can earn up to 100 SwagBucks per friend you refer, but you only earn SwagBucks when they awarded for searching.

Shop & Earn:  Check this section out whenever you get ready to buy something from an online retailer.  They have a huge list of partner sites, and if you access those sites by going through a Search & Earn link at, you can earn more SwagBucks for your purchases.  For instance if you shop at or VistaPrint, you earn 1 SwagBucks for every $5 you spend.  Each site has it's own policy.  It's worth checking out for sure.  Keep in mind many major stores like have free Site-to-Store shipping, so if you know you need to make a larger purchase, buy it online and have them send it to your store to pick up.  You'll earn a ton of SwagBucks that way!  Just be sure you use the link at and don't access the site through their regular link.

Special Offers:  I don't personally complete any of the Special Offers available at, but if you click on the Special Offers link on the left side of the screen, and then click on No Obligation Offers, you can skip through several of the offers and receive a free SwagBucks code to enter on the homepage.  You can only redeem the No Obligation Offers code once per week.

Those are all of the frequent, regular ways to earn.  I'd recommend you peruse the site for other ways you can earn SwagBucks.  Now - as far as redeeming your SwagBucks.  There are a number of ways you can redeem your SwagBucks.  Visit The Swag Store link from the homepage for all of the options.  To get the best value for your SwagBuck, I recommend $5 Gift Card from the Gift and Reward Cards section.  You trade in 45 SwagBucks and get a gift card code for $5 to spend at  There is a ton of stuff you can buy at!  Each prize has instructions for often you can redeem it and how it is delivered.  You may also choose to trade in SwagBucks for SwagStakes entries.  I've done a few of those.  I haven't been successful yet, but I know of one or two blog writers I follow who have been successful at winning SwagStakes.  (I am currently entered for the $100 Sephora e-gift card.)

I hope this helps you on you SwagBucks adventures!  Jump in now and sign up here!

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