Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Week's "Loot"

So this week I enjoyed going to the mailbox even though I was sick for most of it and didn't get to share may offers with you.  I received a number of the freebies I've requested over the past couple weeks and picked up a few others.  I stopped by Victoria's Secret to cash in my free panty gift card I got in the mail and went by Sephora to fulfill my email offer for a free 10-day supply of Bare Minerals.  (I've never tried it before and am loving it, by the way.)  I also got that free glass baby bottle from O-I I told you about, the free TIGI lip gloss, coupons for a free full-size bag of Stacy's pita chips and a full size International Delight creamer.  I also received my sample of Dunkin Donuts coffee - makes 4 cups.  Finally, I received my warrior card from PF Chang's for 10% any of my purchases in 2010.  You can get your warrior card here.  And I got my $5 off coupon by email from Babies R Us.  Some of these offers were available before I started this blog.

What free stuff did you get this week???

***UPDATE: I think you can just go into Sephora without the email and ask for a free 10-day supply in your shade while supplies last.  It is definitely worth a shot if you are near a Sephora!  Or, if your JC Penney carries Sephora products you can print this web coupon.


  1. Woo go girl! Did BabiesRUs just send you the gift cert. for becoming a fan or did you have to do something else? I became a fan on FB to pass the freebie along to a friend (or use it towards a gift!), but never received anything. Maybe I needed to do more....

  2. Megan - From what I remember you had to become a fan and then go to one of the tabs on their page to sign up for the coupon. We got an extra coupon in our household (which we haven't used), so I will email it to you and you can pass it along to your friend. I hope this helps!